A leading figure in Australian percussion, Greg Sheehan is a performer, teacher and recording artist who is significantly represented in Australian music over the last 50 years. He has been a major influence on generations of musicians and has literally reshaped the map of rhythm.

A passionate visionary, Greg created a unique system known as ‘Rhythm Diamonds’ and his original body percussion style and reinvention of tambourine technique have become legendary!   

‘Astounding Musicianship!’—John Shand. SMH. 

‘Time Lord’—Shane Howard.

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“Greg Sheehan takes the reader on a fascinating journey through his life’s work: the analysis, invention, performance practice and teaching of complex rhythmic concepts.” 

Loudmouth Magazine; Review by Michael Hannan


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Greg Sheehan has dedicated a lifetime to performing, teaching and passionately exploring diverse musical forms. His book, The Rhythm Diaries presents more than 300 pages of original techniques, musical notes and number charts created over decades of rich and colourful musical career, accompanied by wonderful stories detailing how his visionary approach to playing and teaching came about.

Full of ideas, templates, games, infinite and beautiful graphics for your musical interpretation, the Rhythm Diaries is for anyone interested in discovering and integrating rhythm from multiple perspectives. A modular foundation makes the material suitable for any and every level of ability, with activities for all ages included.  

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