The Rhythm Diaries serves as a reference and an invaluable tool for musicians and practitioners of music from all disciplines.” - Nigel Westlake (Hon) D Mus, Composer, Conductor.

During the past 50 years as a professional musician and educator, Greg Sheehan has developed a distinct rhythmic language that has been enthusiastically embraced by a growing legion of musicians, artists and educators alike. These incredible rhythmic resources are now available in the form of a beautiful graphic book, packed with inspiration, techniques and ideas to strengthen the roots and sweeten the fruits of your creativity.  

A unique Approach to Rhythm

Greg uses numbers and expressive graphics as key tools for creation, practice, and translation between different styles and traditions. Centred around rhythm, his expertise branches into areas such as composition, melodic sequencing, and development of phrasing and special techniques that can be easily adapted to any instrument. His methods are equally brilliant as a fun way to engage children in high-level learning through social, mathematic and musical play, and have also been integrated as a choreographic device by professional dancers in several countries.  

Alongside the artworks, techniques, and stories compiled from dozens of Greg’s original diaries are compositions, artworks and personal applications contributed by many talented artists, collaborators and students in celebration of some of the unique ways that others have found to apply these ingenious systems.  

Whether you are at the beginning of your musical adventures or well on the way to mastery, Greg’s rhythmic language is bound to enrich your journey. Never before published, this book is a passport to enter a multidimensional musical world that has been enjoyed, integrated, and refined by generations of creatives. Now it’s your turn to join the fun. 

Welcome to the family!